Editors Liked

  • Build Quality, Design (For Some), Spacious Interior (XLATX Mainboards), Airflow Levels (2x230mm/1x140mm), Space For Up To 5 Extra Fans, Speed Fan Control Knobs, Room For Up To 330mm Long Graphics Cards, Top 240mm Radiator Space, 10 PCI Expansion Slots, Pr
  • Cool looks, Three fans included, Dual fan controllers, Toolless system for expansion card works well, Toolless locks for 5.25 inch bays great, Plenty of space for more fans, Many possibilities for cable routing, Plenty of space inside the chassis for the latest gaming hardware, Easy to keep things clean, Ten expansion slots, Functional, metal hard drive trays, Antirubber compartment on top, Singl

Editors Didn't Like

  • Hard Plastic Used, Current Availability In The USA
  • Design not uniform on the interior, Viper looks may not be for everyone, Several other manufacturers offer the same case and features, External USB 3.0 cable, Weak fan controller: 40W for 6 fans equal a mere 6.6 W per fan, Ten mainboard expansion slots, but no HPTX support