Reviewers Liked

  • Excellent HiFieske looks, Low profile chassis, Soundgraph display and technology included, Highquality 350W power supply included, Easy hard drive installation, Enough space for larger, low profile CPU coolers, Plenty of space to bunch up unwanted cables
  • Small size fits into most entertainment centers, Excellent thermal performance, Built-in LCD w/ media center compatibility, IR receiver and remote, Front eSATA port, Real aluminum bezel, 350W 80 Plus power supply, 3 TriCool case fans pre-installed

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Noisy, even at the lowest level, No USB 3.0, Only one hard drive will fit, Stuck to using Antec PSUs with special cable for Soundgraph display, Slightly long cables, Long optical drives may cause problems with CPU cooler, Antec Fusion is bigger and cheape
  • No card reader, Low profile expansion ports limit tv tuner and video options, Optical drive and motherboard may have clearance issues, Price
  • Supports only low-profile expansion cards; just one hard drive bay; difficult to route cables inside; costly