Reviewers Liked

  • Great look, Good cooling, LED fan with switch, Quiet, Tool free features, Mobo tray cutout, Good value
  • Clean and subtle styling, Quiet with decent cooling, Room for up to 5 fans, Light and Sturdy construction
  • Tool-less design, Side mounted hard drive bays, Cable management and CPU mounting cut-outs, Stock fans are very quiet
  • Easy to build, Can turn off the blue LED on the front fan, Toolless mountings, HDD Mounts from the side which is nice
  • Plenty of cooling, Cable management, CPU hole on motherboard for cooler switching, Quick and easy to install, Affordable
  • Very classy looking exterior, Easy to work with tool less options, Clean slate for the modders to start with, Lots of great potential for every modder, Great price for all the wonderful options
  • Affordable case, with clean design, Good interior layout, Interesting choice for entry level gamers, Silent operation of fans, Switch to toggle the fan LEDs, Dust filter for PSU included, Sturdy handle to carry the case around, Solid plastic sliding locks

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Only two included fans, Cramped interior, Floppy adapter doesn't match front panel
  • Larger heatsinks may not fit
  • Not very deep, could be an issue with newer, larger video cards, Case filters are not easily removed
  • Cooling fans are cheap. Would like to have seen a full set in this box, Toolless clips on PCI slots appear fragile and provide minimal hold for slotmounted items that are not plugged into the motherboard, A little more head room for larger CPU coolers
  • Some power supplies may not have long enough cables for bottom mounted power supply, Only two fans provided of the five that can be used
  • Needed the last exhaust fan for the complete value setup, Glossy parts of the case show finger prints real bad
  • Top fan blocks access to connectors of mainboard, Screwless system for optical drives does not hold perfectly, Many openings in the case do not have dust filters, No rear fan included, Clips to hold expansion cards in place wont manage large and heavy ca