Reviewers Liked

  • Build Quality, Innovation, LED Fans, iMon, Warranty, Price, PreInstalled PSU
  • Supports wide range of motherboards, iMon module, Slim design, Media reader, Remote and HTPC software included
  • Beautiful and sleek design, Incorporated VFD display with media control buttons and volume knob will blend in with all your other components, Fairly quiet included cooling and PSU, It's built tiny but can still house a fullsize ATX motherboard and up
  • Aluminum front bezel, Comes with great functionality remote control, Support up to ATX & EATX motherboard, Support great software; iMON, Comes with VFD display for iMON & VFD models, comes with card reader, front USB and audio jack for easy accessing

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Door covering the card reader/front ports seems like it was an afterthought that wasn't incorporated very well, Front buttons are a little flimsy and cheap feeling
  • PCI riser is not include and hard to get half height card, Ventilation need to be improved further, It could be expensive for certain people