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By on 90

Another build in a nice new case is done and over with. While there wasn't a whole lot of differences compared to the normal H440 aside from some aesthetics, it was still a pleasure to be able to build in one of these agains. As far as the more...

By pcGameware UK on 90

The NZXT H440 Razer Edition (CA-H440W-TH) arrived at pcG within a rather stylish and lovely looking box that certainly made a welcome change from the usual brown cardboard that we've become over familiar with. Whilst predominately glossy black in...

International Review By on

Шасси от компании NZXT всегда отличались от продукции других производителей чем-то особенным, будь то внешний дизайн или внутренняя конструкция. Если вести речь конкретно о корпусе H440, то от сотрудничества с дизайнерами от Razer он только выиграл....

International Review By on

NZXT H440 Razer Edition Mid Tower Casing retails at around RM 630, which is RM 150 higher than the price of the regular H440 units. What's the difference between the H440 Razer Edition and the H440 regular units? The Razer edition comes with black...

International Review By on

简洁不废话了,直接切入主题开箱!雷蛇NZXT H440 RAZER定制版为了凸显雷蛇主题,这回的箱子也变成了雷蛇经典黑+绿的配色。盒子全彩黑色背景设计,中间有雷蛇NZXT H440 RAZER的特写,而且还是通电效果的哦,映射在厦门卡的泛光绿色很惬意,有木有!另外主舱电源的挡板和前脸也有雷蛇的背光灯,标志看上去很是抢眼给力,相信蛇迷都会喜欢吧!在箱子的背部有多幅雷蛇NZXT H440...

International Review By on

エルミタレビューでは久々の登場となる、 NZXT 。今回編集部に届けられたのは、ゲーミングブランド Razer とのコラボレーションにより企画されたミドルタワーPCケース 「H440 Designed by Razer Edition」 (以下:H440 Razer Edition)だ。  このモデルのベースとなったのは、 2014年1月に発表 され、日本国内市場では 3月より発売中...