Reviewers Liked

  • Good Looks, Good Cooling Performance, Quiet
  • Supports plenty of cooling options, CPU Cooler hole & raised standoffs, Plenty of drive bays, Unique take on the 200mm Red LED exhaust fan, Unique power supply bar w/ ventilation
  • Light weight, Plenty of space for hard drives, 2.5" HD space
  • Simple, basic design, Good ventilation even without front fan, Quiet, Bottom mounted PSU system with own ventilation, Lots of room
  • Big Fan, Price, Style, Lockable, AntiTheft Peripheral Lock, Bottom Mounter PSU
  • Solid construction, Plenty of room for hard drives up to 6, PSU bay works well, Good airflow around the CPU, Fans are fairly quiet, Possibilty to add three more fans, Real 3.5 inch bay, Plenty of space around the mainboard, Thumb screws for expansion car

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Only two fans included, 2.5” HDD Mount, Very Limited Accessory Package, Limited toolfree features, Few cable management aids
  • No eSATA, Material isn't the strongest
  • Only two fans included
  • No front fan included, No fan grills, Only one bay is toolless
  • Flimsy Toolless
  • Expansion slot covers cannot be secured properly for transport, Bumps instead of real spacers on tray, Not nearly enough screws to fill the case to the rim, Toolless system for HDD no good, Only one toolless lock for the optical drives, No front fans to c