Reviewers Liked

  • Tool, free design, PSU bottom design, Plenty ventilation
  • Sleek black interior / exterior, Easy access to install CPU heatsink, PSU dust protector, Lightweight, Great value, Watercooling capable
  • Very competitive price, Black interior, Water cooling ready, Good construction quality, Bottom mounted PSU bay, Expansion bay lock holds well, Dust filter for PSU, Rear exhaust fan, Good paint job, Little window is a nice touch, Light & Compact
  • Can be found for under $50, Nice and small, Can fit a normal ATX motherboard, Easy installation
  • Price, Black Interior, Bottom Mount PSU, Tool Less, Fits a Full Sized Rad, Window for new Internal Water Coolers, Access to the Back of the Motherboard

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Only 3 tool, free clips, Limited space for fans, Cheap build quality, Poor coolingYou can find more expert reviews of this product at
  • Only one fan included, Difficult cable management, Flimsy material, Only 1 toolless adapter per each drive type
  • Drive locks fairly useless, Very compact dimensions do not allow for large or wide CPU coolers, No easy way to easily route cables, No eSATA or Firewire, Corner piece of PSU bay rather annoying
  • Only 1 toolless adapter included for the hard drives and optical drives, You might run into issues with larger video cards
  • Stock With Only 1 Fan