Reviewers Liked

  • Build Quality, Design (For Some), Dual Docking Station, USB 3.0, 3 Preinstalled Fans (2x120mm/1x230mm), Space For The Largest Graphics Cards (315mm), Complete ToolLess Design, Price (For Some)
  • Dual bay dock on top of the chassis, Sleek style, Plenty of airflow/cooling
  • External hard drive docking bays, Space for heatsink installation after motherboard mounting, Tool-less design, Quiet, Dust filters on all intake fans including the power supply, Large, top mounted exhaust fan, Quality build, nothing feels cheap, USB 3.0
  • SATA docking feature, USB 3.0, Good cooling, All black finish, Pretty quiet, Roomy for a midtower, 230mm top fan
  • Integrated hotswap SATA dock on top; decent airflow; accommodates long cards

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Single USB 3.0 Port, Perforated Sections Have No Air Filters
  • No support for 2.5” drives inside the case, Cheap toolfree installation devices
  • No user manual
  • Tool free features could use some work, No cable management features, Overall flimsy design, Very limited front ports, Front intake fan restriction, Panel fitment, Aged design
  • Only two frontpanel USB ports; no behindthemobo cable routing; weird aesthetics