Reviewers Liked

  • Top quality design
  • Wonderful performance
  • Quiet to nearly inaudible operation depending on the fan speed adapter used
  • Smaller size than NHD14 and NHU12P SE2 coolers allows for broader case compatibility
  • Price is decent for the performance and quality of the cooler
  • Performance either with stock/overclocked processor
  • Works with both AMD/Intel platforms
  • 6 years of warranty

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Temperatures can run slightly high under load on overclocked CPU
  • Although the price is a pro, $70 for a CPU cooler can also be seen as a con to some buyers
  • Installation procedure takes some time, but is straight forward
  • Due to product design you cannot install a second fan
  • Possible interference with taller memory modules
  • No option to run a second fan for push/pull operation
  • Fan wiring may be a bit too long