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Consfusing... Really really...

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the G11CB is a fantastic pre-built system. If you're shopping around for a new PC and want to keep things as convenient as possible, this should definitely be added to your list of options if it fits your budget.Plus:Respectable performanceAll the...

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The new Asus G11CB desktop PC is not for the hardcore gamer. If this Intel Skylake computer had a Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics card, it would have been one of the top gaming PCs in the market. But Asus has gone for a mid-range GeForce GTX 960 chip,...

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With the G11CD, ASUS is definitely targeting gamers who are looking for a machine with a bit of muscle for crunching demanding games but aren't willing to overspend for top-of-the-line specs.The ASUS G11CD is priced at Php59,995 and combines the...

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最近幾年的遊戲大作,從暗黑破壞神 3 (Diablo3) 一直到最近最火紅的鬥陣特攻...

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게이밍PC 는 일반PC와 부품구성이 확연히 다르다. 주로 가성비를 고려해 부품을 조합하는 일반PC와 달리 게이밍PC의 경우 가격 보다는 성능을 우선시 하기 때문에 최상급의 프로세서와 그래픽카드 등을 사용하는 것이 일반적이다.특히 6세대 인텔코어 프로세서 '스카이레이크' 출시와 윈도우10 발표이후 기존 플랫폼 대비 높은 성능을 구현하는 게이밍PC가 꾸준히 발표되고 있으며 시장에서도 좋은 반응을 얻고 있다.이번에 리뷰를 진행 할 ASUS ROG...

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Videos play a huge role in videogame culture these days, so it's hardly any wonder as to why the ASUS G11CB exists. This desktop PC packs the hardware to handle both video production and gaming at a casual level, along with the software to help do...

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1、霸气酷炫的外观;  2、机箱内部布局合理,空间很大;3、搭载第六代i7处理器,性能强悍;  4、游戏体验极佳。京东购买链接【点击查看详情】;苏宁购买链接【点击查看详情】;国美购买链接【点击查看详情】。外观全新进化,酷炫十足在G11之前的几代兄弟产品中,整体的外观基本没有什么变化,距离我们最近的则是今年6月份推出的华硕G10。可以说在我们对飞行堡垒系列产品外观有了一个很深印象的时候,华硕再一次强势更新了自己的外观设计,给了我们不小的视觉冲击。这次第一眼看到华硕G11,小编我就小震惊了一下,可以说比起以往...