Reviewers Liked

  • Very powerefficient; quiet; affordable
  • Great performance for its price, Attractive chassis, WirelessN connectivity
  • Wireless networking uncommon in Nettops at this price; wireless mouse and keyboard included; monitor mountable with a separate bracket; relatively conservative design suitable for living room use
  • Inexpensive; extremely compact; sips electricity
  • Compact design, HDMI & other home theater features, Builtin WiFi
  • Compact. Quiet. HDMI port. Quicker than dual-core Atom processors in certain tests. Inexpensive

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Not enough power to deal with today's Internet video; even browsing was laggy
  • Paltry storage capacity, The few connections lack diversity
  • Can't handle HD video well; no optical drive; game consoles offer better bang for the buck
  • Weak productivity performance; stuttering audio in HD video playback
  • Rather small 160GB hard drive, Lots of bloatware preinstalled, Singlecore CPU
  • Needs download from Internet for Flash 10.1. Bloatware. No remote included