Reviewers Liked

  • Small and quiet enclosure, Multitude of ports and expansion for such a small PC, Great specs at such a cheap price
  • Beautiful jetblack case reduces external clutter, Plenty of memory and storage
  • Compact. Multimedia content creation power. New Core i3 CPU. HDMI port. Some expandability
  • Small size, quality video playback, and HDMI output make it a viable home theater PC; quad-core Intel CPU offers competitive performance for its price; massive 1TB hard drive; room for half-height expansion cards
  • Compact; good CPU performance; excellent external expansion capabilities
  • Strong Core i Series Processor, Large Hard Drive, Well Priced

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Traditional Gateway bloatware, No wireless networking, Lacks BluRay drive
  • No DVI support (VGA or HDMI only)
  • Only half-height PCIe cards. Integrated graphics. No Blu-ray option. Bloatware. No Wireless networking
  • No wireless networking; relative power hog compared with the Mac Mini
  • Limited internal expansion; poor 3D-graphics performance
  • Integrated Graphics, Could Really Use Wireless Networking