Reviewers Liked

  • Compact chassis, Four USB 3,0 ports, vPro IT manageable, Supports multiple monitors, Three-year warranty
  • Small size, Low power consumption, Plenty powerful enough for entrytomid level users, Intel management features make it more attractive to businesses, Easy to repair and upgrade, especially for its size
  • Small footprint, low power consumption
  • Incredibly small chassis, Strong security and remote-management features, Nearly silent during operation, Respectable application performance, Three-year onsite warranty

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No internal expansion, No Wi-Fi in tested configuration
  • Slow hard drive and lowerend integrated graphics put a crimp in performance, Wireless and Bluetooth are optional upgrades, not a standard, and you can't get both dualband wireless and Bluetooth in the same package, Bloatware and trialware abound
  • Very little room for upgrades
  • Little to no room for expansion, Bundled keyboard feels like an old IBM holdover