Reviewers Liked

  • Unstoppable performance, Innovative vertical airflow design, Solid, attractive and unique case, White-glove packaging, assembly quality and service, Reliable despite white-knuckle overclocking
  • The large amount of memory and nice graphics card were nice additions
  • TriSLI Fermi and 4GHz Gulftown equals pure joy
  • Speedy on benchmark tests. Intelligent packaging. Easy-to-upgrade hard drive bays. Uncluttered exposed surfaces. Quiet during normal operations
  • Beautiful interior and exterior
  • Eyeball rupturing speed on games. Doubles as a media center powerhouse

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Connecting cables up top can be inconvenient
  • The lack of a few support features on Maingears site could be improved
  • Loud in gaming; puts out enough heat to cook bacon
  • No eSATA ports. Must open lid with screwdriver to get to ports. Doesn't top every single benchmark test. Graphics cards get loud during 3D gaming
  • Limited PCI upgradability due to triCrossFire rig, Pricey
  • Confusing orientation makes cable clutter a bigger eyesore than usual. No matter how you slice it, seven thousand smackers is a lot for a PC
  • Stratospheric pricing in our test configuration