Scan 3XS Cyclone PC




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By TechRadar on 90

You know things have changed in the components world when you start to see machines like the Scan 3XS Cyclone, where it's the graphics card that's getting the water-cooled loving and not the CPU. In this latest of Scan's 3XS systems it's...

By on 80

Scan has built a great system with the 3XS Cyclone, and used some cunning tactics in not only taming the heat and noise of the GeForce GTX 480 graphics card, but also cranking some extra speed from it. The performance of the Cyclone is excellent, and...

By on 70

Scan's 3XS Cyclone PC will have a polarising effect on our readers, we imagine. Some will love the fact that it ships with the world's fastest single-GPU card, others will see much better value elsewhere. Whatever else, it provokes...