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A great tool for the performance pusher, but might feature too much detail for those who just want to...

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The Edge 820 is, to put it simply, the device the Edge 1000 should have been. Yes therhas been nearly 2 years of development time on the Edge 820, but not for any particularly groundbreaking features. The Edge 820 just does everything you'd expect –...

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I've been using a nearly-final Edge 820 for a short bit now, and so I've got some preliminary thoughts on how it works. But I'll also dive into how the various models are different and some of the minor nuances that might not be so apparent.Wait…what's...

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I've been using the 820 for around five months. When I've been riding in a group its been fine, it always records, the battery life is good and it only crashes occasionally. However, when leading a group or riding solo its navigation skills waver...

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사이클링을 즐기는 사람들의 필수품 중에는 주행 거리 동선 평균 속도 훈련 과정 등을 데이터로 표시해 관리할 수 있게 해주는 싸이클링 컴퓨터입니다. 시중에 많은 제품들이 출시되어 있지만 사이클링을 본격적으로 즐기는 사람들이 가장 선호하는 브랜드는 가민(Garmin)입니다.최근 가민은 사이클링 마니아들을 위한 신모델인 엣지 820을 출시했습니다. 앞서 출시된 엣지 520 시리즈가 실시간 구간 측정에 초점이 맞춰진 제품이라면 엣지 820 시리즈는...