Reviewers Liked

  • Performance, Cooling, connectivity ports, eyespeed technology, 3D support
  • Fast, Decent cooler, Overclocks well, Price, Loaded with ports
  • Terrific performance for the price. Improved technologies and video quality compared with previous-generation cards
  • Excellent pricetoperformance ratio, Great power efficiency
  • Modest mainstream DX11 graphics performance, Barts GPU Introduces stereoscopic 3D functionality, Reduced heat output enables very quiet cooling fan, Fan exhausts all heated air outside of case, UVD3 Adds multiview CODEC for 3D Bluray playback, Improv
  • Great performance for the price; stereoscopic-3D support with compatible monitors and HDTVs; five ports makes connecting multiple monitors easier

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Not consistently more powerful than Nvidia's competing card. Only one dual-link DVI port
  • Fledgling 3D support
  • Limited initial AMD HD3D product support, Fails to fix anisotropic texture filtering, Barts GPU yields minimal overclock
  • Over 9 inches long; blocks an adjacent slot; high power draw might necessitate power-supply upgrade