Reviewers Liked

  • Overclocks well, DX11, Price, Appearance, Noise is very minimal
  • Price, Performance, Temps, Afterburner Software is Awesome!, Quiet
  • Extremely quiet, Good overclocking performance, Solid performance at lower resolutions, Native HDMI output, Leading overclocking utility bundled: MSI Afterburner, GDDR5 memory, Reasonable price increase over reference design, Support for DirectX 11, Suppo

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Price for the hardware you lose is hard to swallow
  • I Would Like to see a few Extras but not bad Either way
  • Higher power draw than similar ATI products, Future of GTX 465 SKU unknown, might be replaced soon, Falls behind other cards at higher resolution, Price seems a bit high, DirectX 11 won't be relevant for quite a while