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By Ocaholic on

It hasn't been a long time that Unigine Corporation released a new version of their Heaven benchmark. One day after that, they showed a new benchmark: Unigine Valley 1.0. The developer team behind which has its roots in Siberia, found inspiration in...

By Phoronix on

The Qfusion-powered Warsow game performed close to the same under both operating systems with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 series Kepler graphics card. The Xonotic graphics performance results varied a bit between platforms, but overall it was quite...

International Review By coolenjoy.net on

쿨엔조이 검은사막 그래픽 카드 73종+CPU 끝장 벤치마크검은사막 게임 간략 소개검은사막은 펄 어비스(Pearl Abyss)가 개발하고 다음 게임즈(Daum Games)가 퍼블리싱하는 MMORPG(Massive Multi-user Online Role Playing Game) 게임이다. 최근 오픈베타를 실시하면 서 가장 핫한 게임이기도 하지만 다이렉트X11를 지원하는 자체 엔진으로 개발되어 패키지 게임 못지 않은 미려한 그래픽을 보여주기 때문에 그...

International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on

Le schede video per workstation sono ottimizzate per stabilità e affidabilità con i software usati dai professionisti. Le loro prestazioni con i giochi variano invece in modo marcato: da una parte è interessante vedere come la FirePro W7000 di AMD batta...

International Review By ixbt.com on

Регулярные (ежемесячные) i3D-Speed — это проект iXBT.com, целью которого является предоставление отчетов о производительности целого набора видеокарт на драйверах под Windows 7.В материале присутствуют сводные диаграммы производительности популярных...