Reviewers Liked

  • Open-world, Gorgeous Visuals and impressive Graphics on PC, Polished PC Performance with Mod Support, Modern Combat is fun and engaging, All Current and Future DLC supported
  • Clear performance upgrade over similarly priced cards from previous generation, Distinctive design
  • Price, Great 1080p performance, Good 1440p performance, Rakish Style, 6 1 Phase power, DirectX 12, Split Blade III
  • The PowerColor Red Devil RX 470 comes very close to RX 480 performance even though it was held back to RX 470 reference clocks and it beats the competition's GTX 960 rather handily, At $199 the Red Devil RX 470 is only $20 more than the reference RX 470,

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Repetitive Side quests may get tedious, Linear gameplay at the end of the game, Story issues with pacing and confusing
  • MSRP sits close to lowest-cost RX 480 graphics cards, Requires 8-pin power connector
  • Back plate touches our Ram Bank Clips
  • Red Devil logo is upside down, glue on memory, price
  • The original shipping performance BIOS of the PowerColor Red Devil RX 470 was locked to stock RX 470 clocks and we simply did not have time to retest it, We cannot comment on PowerColor's higher than reference clocks as we did not test it yet. The Red Dev