Editors Liked

  • Comfortable, Sound excellent, Built to last even with serious use, Inline Apple controller, Available at a huge discount
  • Rich acoustics. Sounds amazing when listening to Jazz, easily listening, or instrumentals. Solid design that looks expensive. Ear cups are very comfortable and only get moreso over time, The
  • Exceptional detail, Outstanding balance, Taught, defined low end, Elegant, ergonomic design
  • Strong audio performance with rich bass and crisp highs. Includes removable headbands in various sizes for secure fit. Integrated controls for iOS devices. Detachable, replaceable cable. Classy carrying pouch

Editors Didn't Like

  • Headband starts to squeeze your head after a several hours of listening
  • Midrange a little bright, Slight lack of depth, Little passive noise isolation
  • Earcups can be slightly uncomfortable over long listening periods. Very minor distortion on some deep bass tracks at top volume