Reviewers Liked

  • The Paradigm Shift E3m's earpieces are crafted from CNC precision-machined aluminum and feature 8mm super-neodymium drivers, superflexible cables, and an inline microphone with controls for your smartphone
  • The Shift e3m has a warm, tubelike midrange and full, rich bass, The e3m is nicely finished and very compact in its design, I found the clothcovered cables of the e3m, and subsequently all Shift headphones, to be somewhat impervious to snarls or tangles
  • Powerful, deep bass, Relaxed treble, Highly articulate, Light and comfortable, Excellent seal/passive noise blocking
  • Quality audio performance, Strong bass response that doesn't distort at high volumes, Secure fit, Tangle-resistant cloth-covered cable

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The sound is seriously lacking in detail
  • The e3m provides the listener with limited control capability and no volume control when connected to a portable music device or smart phone, The e3m is slightly to the dark side of neutral, with a bit of bass bloom that may obscure the finer detail of ba
  • Noisy cord, Ear tips may not feel comfortable to all ears, Laid back treble may not appeal to all listeners
  • Single-button phone controls work with different phones, but not as well as dedicated controls for iPhones, Lack of crispness not for everyone