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Plantronics GameCom Commander

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It could be a little more comfortable, but the Plantronics GameCom Commander is a top-of-the-line gaming headset with great sound and killer...

By CNET Australia on

Despite lacking the aesthetics, the Plantronics GameCom Commander is a premium gaming headset. Featuring top-notch noise cancellation and 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, the Commander is designed to let gamers be immersed in their gameplay.But with a...

By on

A good headset with strong audio performance and an immersive surround sound experience. Unfortunately, the comfort levels aren’t great and the price tag gives Plantronics’ GameCom Commander very stiff...

By on

Some people swear by surround-sound headsets; others just can't quite see the point when clever stereo headsets can still deliver good positional audio. After all, the human ear is pretty smart, and therefore quite good at tricking the brain into...

By PC Authority on

Setting the GameCom Commander was a simple plug and play exercise. The quick set up guide made it very clear how the components fit together however even without this it would have been simple to set up. No software is required to use the headset or the...

By HardwareHeaven on

Visual ImpressivnessWhen you open the box for the GameCom Commander, you will be impressed with the quality carrying case that has been included with the headset. This carrying case helps ensure that your device makes it to your tournament and gaming...

By on

The over-the-top build quality of the Commander is second to none. Everything about this headset simply screams craftsmanship, and given the fact that the GameCom Commander is a limited production product, it's definitely a good thing too. The entire...

By on

When it comes to game head-gear, sound is king. Gamers want the best audio for their headset to help give the field of realistic sound and they also want to be heard with the best clarity of their mics. To that end I introduce you to the Plantronics...

By on

Das neue Plantronics GameCom Commander Gaming Headset verlässt unsere Redaktion mit gemischten Gefühlen. Auf der einen Seite konnten uns die hochwertige Verarbeitungsqualität, das sehr gute Mikrofon und der üppige Lieferumfang überzeugen. Auch puncto...

International Review By on

Un casque qui propose une isolation supérieure à celle de ses concurrents. La qualité audio est en outre des plus correctes. Son vértiable défaut est finalement son poids. Le confort s'en ressent. LES NUMERIQUES Donnez votre...

International Review By Les Numériques on