Reviewers Liked

  • Slick sturdy design; Excellent battery life; Sync four headphones to single audio source
  • Bass boost option allows you to choose between two listening modes, Comfortable design, Cable—with call and microphone controls—for wired listening is included
  • Bestyet execution of FormCelebrityFunction. Fast wireless syncing. Track skip and volume buttons on the earcup are convenient for wireless mode. Rigid and roomy carrying case. Smart extras: airline adapter, cleaning cloth, wall adapter. Full charge earns
  • Wireless streaming works well, Comfortable to wear, Sound quality is good
  • Four SMS Audio Sync-equipped users can connect to the included wireless dongle for group listening, Kleer Wireless streams sound much better than Bluetooth, and SMS includes a 3.5mm cable to use when the battery runs out

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No active noise cancellation; Expensive; Can't use all the buttons in wireless mode
  • Highly sculpted sound signature is not for everyone, Bass distorts at high volumes when using wireless function, Dongle and line of sight to the headphones is required for wireless audio
  • All kinds of expensive. Is that really a dongle? Bulky and clunky. Colors limited to ‘Storm Trooper White’ and ‘Predictable Black.’ Only ships with one microUSB cable. Claimed 50foot wireless range closer to 3540 feet. Requires you
  • Large footprint makes for difficult storage, Dongle is flimsy and easy to lose, Hardware controls don't always function
  • The delicate plastic housing and the flimsy 3.5mm dongle both suffer heavy creaks under light pressure, and the headphones don't fold up for easier transport. I'm also disappointed that the headphones don't actively cancel noise and that the s