Sony MDR-570LP



Sony MDR-570LP

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Expert Reviews on 40

Decent sound quality for the price but the uncomfortable headband means they’re best avoided....

By What Hi-Fi? on 80

Compared to similar, but more expensive on-ear headphones, the closed-back are the most comfortable we've worn in a while. The whole ear-pad sits snugly against your ears, as opposed to less agreeable designs that feel like they're clamped on...

By CNET UK on 80

We've heard far better audio from other headphones, but few cans under £50 sound as good as the Sony MDR-570LPs. Comfortable and well built, we can overlook their minor flaws and recommend them to anyone seeking reasonable sound quality without...

By Headfonia on

There are times when I want to have a light and portable headphone for listening to music outdoors. The big and serious cans won’t do here, and as excellent as IEMs are, there are times when I just prefer the feel of a lightweight portable...

By Zath UK on

In case you hadn’t already caught on I was very impressed with the Sony MDR-570LP headphones and in fact would put them up as one of the best products (for the price) that I have seen in a while. A bold claim I know, but they do exactly what you...

By on

At S$69, the Sony MDR-570LP doesn't aspire to greatness, but it has thus far been rather disappointing. Although MDR-570LP looks good from far, it gradually reveals its shortcomings as you approach closer. This is further exacerbated by its...

International Review By CNET France on 80

Bien sûr on a fait mieux dans le domaine des casques audio, mais rarement au niveau du rapport qualité/prix. Confortable, bien construit et délivrant un son correct, le Sony MDR-570LP est une...

International Review By Clubic on 73

Le MDR-570LP est un casque assez réaliste qui nécessite une source sonore de bonne qualité, bien fournie en basses et puissante pour dévoiler tout son potentiel. Donc un casque pas franchement adapté aux lecteurs MP3… Dommage !...

International Review By on

Der schicke Sony ist in den verschiedensten Metallic-Farben erhältlich und wirkt in jeder sehr edel. Mit seinen großen, flächigen Muscheln gehörte er zu den bequemsten Hörern im Test. Leider überzeugte er akustisch nicht...