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Inateck Wireless Sport Headset




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By on 88

Inateck's approach with this pair of in-ears is a unique one. Unique in both a good and a bad way. Let's start with the good.I would say the standout feature in the design is via the clever use of magnets. Both ear pieces are magnetically attracted....

By Legit Reviews on

Inateck is a German manufacturer of various PC-related accessories, with a full range of Bluetooth products such as keyboards, speakers and headphones available, in addition to an array of other products such as external SATA enclosures and USB 3.1...

By on

So, are these headphones worth the asking price? Well, if you ask me, yes, they are. I actually intend to keep on using these earphones because unlike some other Bluetooth earphones I've tried out, these fit me perfectly. I've tested out better sounding...

By on

One of the great things about listening to music via a headset is the ability to get into the moment, shut out the world outside, and move with the beat, especially when exercising. I've found that wearing a normal headset can be quite frustrating,...

By SlashGear on

Gone are the wired shackles of past headphones and earbuds -- we live in the wireless age, and with it comes freedom from wires. That's what makes certain wireless earbud models a little bizarre. You've likely seen them; they feature a thick plastic...

International Review By on 60

Gli Inateck Wireless Sport Headset BH1001 risultano complessivamente degli auricolari abbastanza soddisfacenti, facili da utilizzare, con una qualità audio sopra la media per la fascia di prezzo, un design caratterizzato da linee inusuali che non...

International Review By on

Bene, è il momento di parlare di come queste si comportano nei due diversi usi principali che se ne possono fare.Nelle conversazioni telefoniche sono sempre perfette, veloci nel permettere di rispondere e facili da indossare. Comodissimo il sistema...

International Review By on

価格以上に、デザイン、音質、操作性と製品としての質が非常に高いです。それだけにイヤーチップのフィット感がモヤモヤしますね。やはり激しい運動をすると外れやすかったために、ウォーキングに使おうと思います。耳の形さえしっかり相性があえば、文句なしの製品ですね。Bluetoothイヤホン熱が高まっているので、これからいろんな機種を試していきたいです。Inateck Bluetooth 4.1 ステレオ インイヤーヘッドフォン...

International Review By on

こんにちは、ウインタブ( @WTab8...

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International Review By on

本日はドイツのパソコン機器メーカー【 Inateck 】様より「 Bluetooth 4.1 ステレオ インイヤーヘッドフォン BH1001 」を提供していただいたので、1週間ほど使い込んでみた感想をまとめてみたいと思います。この「Inateck BH1001」イヤホンの特徴としては、IPX4の防水機能があり、Bluetoothは4.1、そして...