Lindy Cromo IEM-75




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By on 80

Sooner or later I was going to have to come back down to earth in terms of headphones and earphones. After £600 Sennheisers, £1,100 Oppos and even £300 Grados, it is time to return to terrestrial pricing for a bit rather than remain purely elitist. Part...

By Expert Reviews on 100

Lindy makes an impression with its dual-driver in-ears for less than you might think...

By Pocket-lint on 70

The Cromo headphones from Lindy are a decent enough set of earpieces. They do a great job of producing a flat sound, but they won't be a hit with the bass-mad...

International Review By on

LINDY CROMO IEM-75 雖然是屬於較為低調的耳塞式耳機,但外觀上有鍍鉻,加上一圈紅色綴飾,其實還蠻亮眼。配戴的部份舒適度也很ok,可以選擇適合自己尺寸的耳塞來搭配,而耳塞對於隔音有相當明顯的效果。最後當然還是不能免俗得提一下音質表現(可以跳過省略嗎XD),CROMO IEM-75 音質如鍍鉻外觀一樣亮眼,中高音的銜接相當柔順,聲音細節明顯且乾淨清晰,低音不沈悶,重低音撼度稍弱,畢竟CROMO...