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The Motorheadphones Overkill are some of the cheaper style and brand-oriented earphones you'll find. They don't cost a bomb, and have a distinctive design that might impress younger onlookers from a distance. However, get up close and actually put the...

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Announcing your musical affiliation less flagrantly than Motörhead's headphones, these in-your-ear offerings deliver decent audio that plays well with rock and metal but not to the detriment of most other genres. Not at all bad for the price, especially...

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เอาหล่ะเรามาทำความรู้จักกับ Motorhead คร่าวๆ กันก่อนดีกว่าครับ Motorhead เป็นวงดนตรีแนว Heavy Metal, Speed Metal จากเกาะอังกฤษครับ ก่อตั้งวงขึ้นมาในช่วงกลางยุค 70 มาดังสุดๆ ในช่วงยุค 80 มีการออกอัลบั้มมาแล้วทั้งหมดกว่า 20 อัลบั้ม...

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Luister je veel naar muziek waarin veel gitaren, drums, bas en zang voorkomen en heb je liever in-ear headphones dan grote ‘over-het-hoofd' versies dan is de Overkill echt iets voor jou. Met een adviesprijs van 59,99 euro (49,99 euro voor de Triggers,...

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오늘 소개드리는 제품은 리뷰요청 게시판에 올라온 리뷰요청 중 리뷰진행기준(최근6개월, 조회수, 대여가능)으로 공식청음샵에서 대여한 "Motorheadphones"의 "Overkill" 이어폰입니다.<참고>시중에 판매되는 제품 중 궁금한 제품이 있으시면 리뷰요청 게시판에 요청의 글만 작성하여 주세요. 제품 조달은 골든이어스가 공식 청음샵에서 대여하여 진행을 합니다. (자세한 내용 보러 가기)Motorheadphones Overkill / 파란색: 왼쪽...