Rosewill RHTS-8206




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By Vortez on

If someone was looking for a new headset, it would seem fairly likely that they may overlook the Rosewill RHTS-8206. The packaging livery seems more music production than gamer and when considering the price tag, one may be more attracted towards a...

By HotHardware on

If our eyes are the windows to the soul, then what does that make our ears? Doorways to our internal sound stage, that's what. But listen up, it doesn't matter how gnarly the guitar riffs your favorite musician is playing or how intense the...

By on

Zalman was the first manufacturer to launch a 5.1 surround sound headphone many years ago. It didn't sound very good and it went out of the market rather quickly.However many other manufacturers decided to launch their own versions of a 5.1...

By on

Comfort – Very comfortable. While close to 1 lb in weight, the weight is distributed so well that it disappears the instant you put them on. I am able to wear them for hours at a time with zero strain on my ears and no neck strain from the...