KBParadise KBP V60 Mini




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By hardCOREware on

One of the more interesting aspects of a keyboard manufacturer that is being run by true enthusiasts is that they will often come out with a product that serves such a small niche that no one else would dare try it. Today's case in point is the...

By hardCOREware on

Our summer of keyboard reviews continues with another ultra compact “60%” layout. If you're unfamiliar with this layout, you might want to check out our Poker II review first to familiarize yourself with it. This is the smallest layout that is relatively...

International Review By Tweakers on 80

Bovenstaand feit maakt dat het toetsenbord echt een dubbel gevoel achterlaat. Het idee voor de V60 Mini is goed en het is ook zeker niet verkeerd uitgewerkt. Qua bouwkwaliteit zit het wel prima en, op de standaard keycaps na, voelt het dan ook aan als...

International Review By coolenjoy.net on

KBparadise V60안녕하세요. 테드라고 합니다.키보드에 관심 있으신 몇몇 쿨엔조이 회원 분들 이시라면 위 사진을 보고 떠오르는 키보드가 있을것 같습니다.바로 Poker II 라고 생각 하신 분이 상당수 계실듯 합니다.하지만 위 사진은 Poker II 와 비슷하지만 KBparadise 사의 V60 모델입니다.V60을 사용한지 거의 이틀째 되어가는데 쿨엔조이 회원들에게는 잘 알려지지 않은 모델이라 제가 리뷰를 한번 써 볼까 합나다.리뷰의 목차는...