Acer Aspire 5553G - AMD Phenom 2 X4



Acer Aspire 5553G - AMD Phenom 2 X4

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Acer has been extremely prolific of late, releasing a large number of laptops in its consumer Aspire range. The Acer Aspire 5553G is the latest and has a lot going for it, as it is one of the most affordable quad-core laptops you can buy. Initial...

By TechRadar on

For about 800 Euros a four-core Phenom in your notebook. Sounds like AMD desktop performance in a notebook, but isn't. The Phenom II X4 P920 (4 x 1.6 GHz) is noticeably slower than Intels Core i generation. This is valid for single- and multi-core...

By NotebookCheck on

Earlier in the week we took a look at the , a mainstream 15.6in laptop that used one of AMD's new tri-core processors. This is something that's unique to AMD as Intel currently only deals in dual and quad core CPUs, but the Aspire 5553G...

By Trusted Reviews on

AMD's new mobile processor is a step up from its previous models, but still lags behind Intel in terms of performance. As it stands, you can get laptops that are faster than the 5553G for less....

By Expert Reviews on

Acer has been prolific of late, releasing a large number of laptops in its trademark Aspire range over the past few months. The Acer Aspire 5553G is the latest in that long line and sports a top-end AMD processor which gives surprisingly impressive...

By What Laptop TechRadar on

As with most good things, this comes from Bulgaria. have finagled themselves a prototype unit of Acer's forthcoming Aspire 5553G and taken it on a benchmarking adventure to see what it's made of. Their first impressions relate to the...

By Engadget on

Parmi les machines disponibles cet été et à la rentrée dans les gammes de PC portables Acer, il y a l'Aspire 7551G (un portable à écran 17,3 pouces), mais également sa copie presque conforme, avec un écran de...

International Review By 01Net on

In dem altbekannten TimelineX-Chassis (5820TG) verbaut Acer nun die AMD Ultimate Vision Plattform und labelt das Notebook Aspire 5553G. Der 15,6-Zoller mit AMD-Technik kostet mit 750 Euro derzeit 150 Euro weniger als das baugleiche Intel Pendant. Die...

International Review By Notebookjournal on