Editors Liked

  • Fast Core i3 processor. Great battery life. Big hard drive and HDMI port. Very affordable. Lightest in its class
  • Good performance for the price, Comfortable keyboard, More portable than competing 15-inchers
  • Good looks, mesh pattern feels nice, Lighter than regular 15inch laptops, Keyboard has dedicated number pad, 500GB of storage space, Betterthanaverage battery life
  • Strong performance for the price. Great battery life. Big hard drive. Two-year warranty
  • Solid Performance From Updated Core i3 Processor, Well Priced

Editors Didn't Like

  • Design is bland
  • Short battery life, Lackluster graphics, Poor audio
  • No Windows OS, Singlestrip mouse button
  • Plain design. Plastic chassis feels thin and cheap. Sub-par keyboard. Trial apps and offers litter the hard drive
  • Glossy Screen Produces Too Much Glare And Reflections, Lots Of Trialware