Reviewers Liked

  • Dual multitouch screens offer unique capabilities, Stylish design
  • Unique dualscreen design, Windows OS extensions from Microsoft and Acer make good use of dual screens, touch features, Interesting collection of touchenabled applications, Decent CPU performance, Included multiformat memory card reader
  • Innovative dual-touchscreen design; virtual keyboard work better than expected; enough CPU power for everyday tasks
  • Dual screens equals lots of screen real estate. Innovative touch software bundle. Reasonably priced. USB 3.0 port included. Its TouchBrowser utilizes both screens
  • Innovative touch software, Easy-to-use virtual keyboard, Strong overall performance, Quality webcam
  • Unique two-screen design; customizable virtual keyboard; good performance

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Uses lastgen Intel processor, Poor battery life, Soft keyboard slows typing
  • Large, heavy, and expensive, Poor battery life, No recovery disks included, No internal optical drive, Very poor graphics performance, Lots of bloatware
  • Virtual keyboard has a hint of a lag; virtual touchpad is needlessly small; saddled with last year's Intel CPUs
  • Virtual keyboard will anger and flummox most typists. Big and heavy for a tablet or laptop. Bottom screen is hard to use under a bright light. Media card slot reader is an external USB attachment. Gesture editor and number of other utilities are too BETA
  • Short battery life, Touch apps slow to load, No SD Card slot, Heavy
  • Too big and heavy for traditional tablet-use scenarios; poor battery life; very hard to touch-type on