Reviewers Liked

  • Lighter than predecessor. Longer battery life. Brighter display. Multi-Touch trackpad. Less heat generated; more comfortable on your lap
  • Unibody design makes a lighter, more comfortable MacBook; impressive battery life; glass Multi-touch trackpad; performs as well or better than 2.26GHz 13-inch MacBook Pro; support for up to 8GB of 1066MHz RAM
  • Unibody enclosure is gorgeous. Gesture-based touchpad. Glare minimized on the LED screen. Excellent performer. Good 3D horsepower. Very good battery life
  • Clean, elegant unibody design, Excellent touchpad, Good graphics performance, Over five hours of battery life, Fast boot time
  • Unibody enclosure; LED-backlit display; superior touch pad
  • Faster processor; larger capacity hard drive; only MacBook with FireWire; comparatively long battery life

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No FireWire port. No IR sensor. No adapters included for DVI or VGA displays. Same port for both audioin and out
  • No FireWire port; no SD card slot; no IR port; no video adapters included
  • No SD Card reader. 2GB of Memory seems inadequate these days
  • No SD Card reader, Tinny speakers
  • Battery-charge lights are gone; hard to swap battery; no flash-card slot; no office software
  • No video adapters or Apple Remote in the box