Reviewers Liked

  • Reasonably priced considering this is a premium Netbook, HD display
  • Elegant, fingerprint-free lid, Sleek, lightweight design, Loud speakers, Friction-free touchpad
  • Broadcom chip improves HD playback. High resolution. Big battery leads to great battery life. Easily accessible memory slots. Matted design prevents smudging
  • Adds HD display and video playback to Asus' flagship Netbook; reasonably priced for a premium Netbook
  • Supports HD video; improved Flash playback; decent battery life; strong speakers

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Flash videos suffer from hiccups, touch pad is awful
  • Noisy keyboard with too much flex, Mediocre graphics performance for streamed video, Outperformed by less expensive netbooks
  • Bigger keyboard would be nice. Mouse buttons are not click-friendly. No HDMI port
  • Streaming Flash video playback is still choppy; Eee PC touch pad is in need of a refresh
  • Too much keyboard flex; mediocre performance; HD technology requires online upgrades