Editors Liked

  • Looks like a luxury laptop, its stylish finish offers a great grip plus concealed port, chickletstyle keyboard has great tactile feedback
  • Attractive looks, 2 GB RAM which is twice the amount of typical Netbook
  • Nice design for a Netbook; twice the RAM of typical Netbooks
  • Striking looks, thin and lightweight, comfortable chiclet keyboard and multi-touch trackpad, removable battery and a spare pack bundled, loud speakers
  • Slim design, Stylish, unique exterior, Two 3cell batteries, Gestureenabled touchpad, Extended online storage
  • Gorgeous design; sturdy keyboard; excellent speakers; ample storage space
  • Great design, very sexy looking, Decent CPU performance
  • Excellent netbook design, good performance

Editors Didn't Like

  • Battery life could be better, mediocre display
  • Expensive, you pay more for the looks and not hardware components, doesn’t come with some of the high end features that you’d expect in a $500 Netbook
  • More expensive than other Netbooks, but lacks some high-end features
  • Maximum screen brightness is a little low, only two USB ports, expensive for a netbook
  • Two USB ports
  • Short battery life; below-average performance; choppy Wi-Fi video streams; mediocre microphone
  • Switching batteries, as included one is a 3 cell, Expensive
  • Battery life needs to improve