Editors Liked

  • Faster graphics than predecessor, Improved battery life, Strong speakers, 500 GB of online storage included
  • Nvidia chip is great for 1080p HD video and light gaming. Full size keyboard. Lightweight. 2GB of memory. HDMI port. Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Comfortable keyboard, good screen and speakers; Ion processor offers some graphics and performance gains
  • Roomy 12-inch display; 720p resolution; second-generation Nvidia Ion graphics; HDMI port; loud speakers

Editors Didn't Like

  • Relatively slow single-core processor, Stiff touch button, Lackluster webcam
  • Battery life would've been better with Optimus technology. Plain design. Pricey netbook
  • Full laptops can be had for the same price; streaming video and gaming are hit-and-miss with this single-core Atom/next-gen Ion configuration
  • Smallish touch pad; keyboard flexes a bit too much; subpar battery life