Reviewers Liked

  • Ubuntu 14.04, factorypreconfigured to just work, Barton George and the other Dell engineers worry about packages and drivers so you don't have to, Highquality build: no squeaks, no rattles, no shimmies, 16GB of RAM, the potential for a large SSD, and a Ha
  • Troublefree Linux on good hardware, Price is competitive for the hardware you get, A nice CPU, a quick SSD, and enough RAM to do most stuff with, Excellent screen with good resolution, Dell is doing its part to be a good FOSS citizen with its additions

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Thunderbolt port doesn't really work in Ubuntu, Applicationlevel 4k scaling issues are pretty much all over the place, If all you're after is Linux on a laptop, you can do it for cheaper than the M3800's starting price, I kind of hoped the Dell logo on th
  • Onehanded opening leads to whole laptop lifting up instead of smoothly opening, Glossyonly screen will lead to some complaints, 8GB of soldered RAM isn't enough to make everyone happy, Distros other than Ubuntu might still require some fiddling to work sm