Editors Liked

  • Good price, Very thin and attractive
  • Solid performance for a great budget price. Modern styling. Wellpositioned USB ports. Very portable, fairly lightweight and quite slim
  • Core i3 processor keeps things running smoothly, Quality aluminum build, Interesting lightup trackpad
  • Trendy aluminum design. Glowing touchpad is a neat gimmick. Very inexpensive. Four USB ports. Fast Core i3 processor. Very good battery life
  • Cool metal lid and deck, Svelte design with glowing touchpad, Good performance for the price, Fast Wi-Fi data rates

Editors Didn't Like

  • Touchpad is not very responsive, Keyboard is a dust magnet
  • Still not used to the megaclick touchpad after a week of testing. Keyboard has next to no travel. Needs a serious kick in the graphics pants
  • Screen has relatively poor viewing angle, Keys on keyboard are hard to differentiate, Lots of preinstalled software
  • Flexing keyboard. Noisy, springy touchpad
  • Touchpad depresses a bit too far, Relatively short battery life, Slow boot time