Reviewers Liked

  • Good value for money, includes Bluray drive, HDMI port included
  • Has Bluray Disc player, Good at multitasking
  • Great performance for the price; Blu-ray drive; HDMI-out port
  • Good everyday-program performance; highly competitive price; Blu-ray drive; roomy display
  • Unmatched priceforperformance ratio. Extralarge trackpad surface. Numeric keypad. Thoughtfully located USB ports (and four of 'em). Bluray ? it's still the way of the future!
  • Bluray Compatible Drive, Strong Performance From Core i3 Processor, Colorful Case Does Good Job At Hiding Fingerprints

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Touch pad buttons are awkward, no Bluetooth, no full HD screen, battery life is disappointing
  • Touchpad is unresponsive and hard to use, Poor game performanceno discrete graphics
  • Awkward touch pad buttons; no Bluetooth; screen resolution isn't full HD; disappointing battery life
  • Mushy mouse button; weak 3D graphics; no eSATA port; below-average battery life
  • Superflat keyboard is hell for touchtyping. Ultranarrow, singlepiece mouse button doesn't always register clicks. Crappy graphics. A tad on the chunkymonkey side
  • Poor Battery Life From Small Battery Pack, Keyboard Has a Very Soft Feel, Limited Viewing Angles