Editors Liked

  • Chrome OS offers fast startup, Cloud storage makes it effortless to replace a laptop, Awesome matte (antiglare) exterior!
  • Speedy bootup, wake-up times; excellent battery life; easy to use; lots of free apps
  • Capslock key reimagined as a search button. Nifty instanton capabilities. Beautiful, bright display. Epic battery life
  • Fast Boot-up. Instant resume. OS settings and apps are saved in the cloud, never worry about losing valuable information. Great keyboard. 1,280-by-800 resolution is nice. Developer's mode let's you hack the notebook. Built-in 3G and free 100MB all

Editors Didn't Like

  • It's "a browser in a box", No functional "offline mode" at this time, Local storage (interal SSD, USB flash drive or SD card) still a problem
  • No significant offline access to apps or data; balky touch pad
  • Useless without wireless connection; only moderately useful with one. Requires massive buyin to the Googleverse. Printing via cloud connection to another PC is erratic at best. Touchpad — “it’s all one big button” — requires
  • Very early stages of development. Most of the side ports aren't supported yet. Big learning curve. Flash playback isn't optimized. No file directory to navigate through