Reviewers Liked

  • WXGA resolution 10inch screen, Optional GPS, WWAN or Broadcom CrystalHD, One of the better buttonless touchpads
  • Large, high-resolution screen, Stylish design with fingerprint-defying finish materials, Excellent build quality, Broadcom chip tears through downloaded video up to 720p, Clean, uncluttered keyboard
  • Broadcom Crystal HD video chip; sleek design; pleasant ergonomics; many customization options
  • HD video playback; many configuration options; low starting price; great touch pad

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Short battery life, Sluggish
  • Atrocious touchpad, Preinstalled trialware and junk, QuickWeb feature borders on worthless, Less than snappy around the desktop, Extended battery jiggles in place, No HDMI output
  • HD technology requires online upgrades; below-average battery life; cramped hard drive
  • Beta software needed to stream HD video