Editors Liked

  • Quadcore i7 processor. Good 3D performance. Excellent multimedia performance. HDMI and VGA. Killer branded Ethernet. Internal upgrade space for memory and second hard drive
  • Strong brushed aluminum case and smooth aesthetics, Extreme GPU, SSD and overall system performance, Easy maintenance without voiding warranty, High performance HDD, High quality matte TN display, Good battery life
  • Powerful GPU; large screen

Editors Didn't Like

  • Ultrashort battery life. Can't quite play smoothly at 1080p at high quality. Negligible Turbo and cooling settings. Start key on right side of keyboard. Busy keyboard layout. Could use an SSD at this price point. No touch screen. No 5GHz WiFi. Extremely H
  • Reduced graphics performance when running on batteries, Fan noise always audible, Touchsensitive controls not always responsive, Relatively heavy even for its size class, No extended warranty options, Battery will sometimes not charge
  • Super heavy; trackpad buttons hard to press; HDD size could be bigger