Editors Liked

  • New processor, better graphics
  • Powerful CPU & GPU combination coupled with large HDD and crisp widescreen display
  • Neo processor is faster than the Intel Atom. 2GB of memory included. Windows Vista, not XP Home Edition. 802.11n wireless. Full size keyboard included. Big 12-inch widescreen and good resolution. Larger than average hard drive. Competitively priced. HDMI-
  • Good looks, Great screen, Good keyboard
  • Outstanding benchmark scores; attractive design; excellent keyboard, touch pad; decent price
  • Fast hard drive, Bright, high-res display, Comfortable keyboard, HDMI output, High-resolution webcam

Editors Didn't Like

  • Windows XP still
  • No onboard Bluetooth
  • Battery life
  • Battery score is the worst among its peers. Noisy, hard-to-press mouse buttons
  • Poor battery life
  • Mediocre battery life; no Bluetooth; no multi-touch features on touch pad
  • Relatively short battery life, Slow boot time, Trouble playing 1080p video, Runs hot