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Origin PC EON15-S




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By GameSpot on 70

The EON15-S is an admirable performer, and the GTX 880M powering it is a very impressive mobile GPU. But would I buy one? Absolutely not. Sure, it's easier to carry around to LAN parties than a tower, but it's not something you're going to be able to carry around with you to surf the Web or knock out a few emails. There are those who will have another device for that task, but if I'm spending upwards of $2,500 on a computer, I want one that's going to be useful for more than just a single task.

By Good Gear Guide on 80

Origin's EON15-S has good credentials for gaming, allowing most games to be played at high resolutions and with maximum detail level enabled. It's a well built notebook with lots of built-in features and it has one of the best backlit keyboards...

By PC Gamer on 93

You know those folks that dress for utility instead of style? The ones that wear flak jackets and ammo belts to dinner parties? The Origin EON15-S is their laptop equivalent. Its lid is painted a flat grey, its power brick is the size of a Volvo and...

By on

The Origin EON15-S has many attributes to make it a good gaming laptop. But it also has cons among all of its pros. Even so, it is undoubtedly worth a shot if you are after something with lots of power and good...

By Destructoid on

I love laptops. They are great for LANs, they allow me to play games on trains and planes, and most importantly, they don't weigh 80 trillion pounds.Sadly, laptops are almost always worse than desktops in terms of raw power. What they gain in...