Samsung Series 5 Ultra 530U4C




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By NotebookCheck on 81

The 530U4C is a worthy successor in Samsung's ultrabook series. Although Intel's Core i5 2537M from the previous Sandy Bridge generation is installed, it provides enough computing power for undemanding users alongside the dedicated GeForce GT 620M....

International Review By on 70

De Samsung Series 5 Ultra is licht en snel, en beschikt over een knap aanraakscherm dat Windows 8 ten volle tot zijn recht laat...

International Review By Parentesis on 70

Si eres un ejecutivo que necesita un equipo rápido, con una línea elegante y minimalista y además una amplia capacidad de almacenamiento, este modelo te va a...

International Review By Parentesis on 80

La Ultrabook™ Samsung NP530U4C-A03MX es una muy buena opción de compra para profesionistas y estudiantes que requieran una mayor memoria para poder almacenar archivos pesados. Además, tiene un tamaño ideal que la hace fácil de transportar, un...

International Review By on 80

To the casual viewer and observer, it may seem that we have been tricked into re-reviewing the same product, which we had tested a few months back! However, trust us when we say this – these aren't the same products at all. This is the Samsung Series...

International Review By on 60

Samsung NP530U4C-S01IN Ultrabook Review shows that it is the most advanced computing device ever built by the South Korean firm. The latest from Samsung will cost to your pocket but promises to offer you with amazing digital and computing experience....

International Review By on

There is a lot to like about the Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch. One of the things we loved was the convergence of the accurate & responsive touchscreen with the amazing keyboard. It's good for a lot of things indeed, especially with Windows 8, but we...

International Review By on

Intel試圖以Ultrabook產品線奪回因MacBook Air而流失的市場,以去除獨立顯示卡、光碟機,以及改用固態硬碟來減少產品的體積與重量,不過Samsung卻偏要唱反調,推出具有獨立顯示卡、光碟機,並且搭載混合式硬碟的Ultrabook。530U4C可以說是目前市面上功能最完整的Ultrabook之一,搭載低電壓版的Core i5處理器,配有獨立顯示卡,雙硬碟配置,具備DVD Super Multi光碟機,在I/O部分具有2組USB 3.0、1組USB...

International Review By on

Samsungs eerste ultrabook Series 5 Ultra voldoet redelijk als een goedkoper Windows-alternatief voor de MacBook Air. Op laptopgebied wordt 2012 het jaar van de ultrabook , de nieuwe marketingterm voor ultradunne Windows-laptops, de concurrenten voor de...