Editors Liked

  • Includes ExpressCard slot, Good value, Decent performance
  • Wi-Fi, WiMax, WiDi, and Bluetooth give users plenty of wireless options. Intel Core i3 provides processing power on the cheap. Costco throws in valuable perks
  • Great-looking design. Comfortable keyboard. Useful entertainment features include Intel WiDi and a Blu-ray player. WiMax on board for those who want city-wide mobile broadband
  • Sturdy, stylish design, Lots of ports (including HDMI out), Solid performance, Lots of customization available

Editors Didn't Like

  • Subpar battery life, No USB 3.0, Optional keyboard skin isn't standard
  • Small screen size and integrated graphics limit the entertainment uses. Speakers were disappointing
  • Woeful audio output. Merely average battery life. Integrated graphics puts the kibosh on 3D gaming. Flimsy display hinges result in some wobble
  • Slightly short battery life, Lots of bloatware installed