Editors Liked

  • Nice extras, including a hard drive shock sensor and a massive battery slice addon ($150) available. Fantastic display. Refined touchpad could make you give up on mice for good. Incredibly lightweight for its size
  • Very light for 15-inch laptop; Full 1080p display; Comfortable backlit keyboard; 10+ hours of endurance with sheet battery
  • Slim build, Light weight, Has 1080p display, Long battery life, doubled by an extended battery slice, Complimentary silicone keyboard skin is a nice touch

Editors Didn't Like

  • Xanadulike, chromeheavy design. Fourth USB port would be appreciated. Stability and performance issues. Noisy fan and a crummy keyboard
  • Clunky GPU switching mechanism; Audio a bit tinny
  • Performance lags behind peers, Manual graphics switching (with a physical switch) is a drag, No Blu-ray drive