Toshiba AC100 - NVIDIA Tegra



Toshiba AC100 - NVIDIA Tegra

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Toshiba's AC100-10U is a netbook-like device powered by Nvidia's Tegra technology and running Google's smartphone OS – Android 2.1. Aimed at those after a very portable internet experience, we have mixed feelings about the device. At...

By TechRadar on

The Toshiba AC100 is an impractical curio that no one should spend their money...

By CNET Australia on

If you were expecting a symbiosis of mobile phone and netbook due to the Android and Nvidia Tegra hardware, you'll be bitterly disappointed. No touchscreen, no telephony, no Bluetooth, no outdoor suitable display and an extremely limited App...

By NotebookCheck on

The Android-based Toshiba AC100 netbook is let down by a frustrating and confusing interface. We can't recommend it over the horde of standard netbooks on the...


The AC100 is an intriguing alternative to a regular netbook, but Android doesn't work as well here as it does on a phone....

By Expert Reviews on

The beautifully designed and executed hardware is very close to my ideal netbook, and it's hardly an exaggeration to say that I'm heart-broken by Toshiba's cocked-up Android implementation. The best one can hope for is a firmware rescue from...

By RegHardware on

We have very mixed feelings about the Toshiba AC100. We love the long battery life, the slim and lightweight build and the comfortable keyboard. The smooth 1080p video playback is impressive for such an affordable netbook. Unfortunately, the Android...

By IT PRO on

A good idea, but Android is perhaps best suited to a touchscreen experience - here it's far too...

By T3 Magazine on

After a period of comparative dullness, the mobile PC sector has become rather intriguing in recent months. Much of this intrigue can be attributed to the and similar devices stirring up the mix, but the Toshiba AC100 is another product that...

By Trusted Reviews on

Has so much to offer tech junkies that it feels like a bargain, but the limited software makes it clear this is a first-generation device...

By PC Pro on

This could sort a select few down to the ground - but we can’t wait for a Chrome OS...

By on

A cross between a netbook and a very smart smartphone, this is the most convincing mobile internet device yet...

By PC Authority on

The Toshiba AC100 looks great and usability scores are high thanks to a super keyboard. But Android just doesn't work in this format. Without the capacity for document editing it doesn't function well as a portable computer, and without the...

By IT Reviews on

Companion devices come in all shapes and sizes, from big-screen smartphones through tablets to netbooks and ultraportables, but Toshiba is hoping that by borrowing a little of each they’ll find a gap in the market. The Toshiba AC100 looks like a...

By SlashGear on