Reviewers Liked

  • Updated version of the Satellite E205 includes Nvidia Optimus graphics; WiMax-ready; slim design; Intel Wireless Display
  • Bright, energy-saving screen; ability to wirelessly send content to an HDTV
  • Attractive design; discrete graphics and Core i5 performance; backlit keyboard, ambient light sensor; shock-mounted HDD
  • Display image quality is very good headon, Intel WiDi connection is slick and works well
  • Slim design, fast Core i5 processor, comes with Intel Wireless Display builtin
  • Intel's WiDi is a budding technology. Backlit keyboard. Core i5 processor. Very good battery life. Excellent performance scores. Comfortable typing and navigating experience. Big hard drive. HDMI and E-SATA. Includes Netgear receiver
  • Includes wireless video transmitter, receiver; excellent performance, battery life; stylish look
  • Modern, stylish design, Strong Core i5 performance, Wirelessly streams video to TV, Comfortable backlit keyboard, Useful utilities included, Two-year warranty

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Weak speakers; poor battery life; expensive compared with similar offerings
  • Plastic chassis feels cheap; mouse click-pad is too stiff
  • No ExpressCard slot or remote control
  • Poor sound quality, Terrible keyboard and pointingdevice ergonomics
  • Speakers lack quality, battery life is lamentable and there is no dedicated graphics card
  • Best Buy exclusive. Plain design
  • No Bluetooth; wireless HD too slow for programs, games; can’t stream some protected video
  • Stiff touch buttons, Long boot time, Subpar graphics performance, Best Buy Software Installer a bit aggressive